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Block Laying and Tiling Copyright GIZ and Dclef Fotografie


Block Laying and Tiling is one of the largest segments of work within the building construction sub-sector of the Construction Industry. Over 60% of labour force on a building site is linked to block laying and tiling. With a huge housing deficit in Ghana and a growing number of real estate providers in the housing and commercial markets, there has been massive demand for properly skilled block-layers.

Traditionally, most block layers and tilers are trained informally by working with Master Craft Persons (MCPs) as apprentices for a variable number of years with no formal occupational standards and therefore no assurance for future employers of the actual proficiency of the employee. Employers usually have to employ workers who introduce themselves as block layers on a trial basis in order to find appropriately skilled employees. This usually results in waste of construction materials and time.

GSDI, in collaboration with the private sector, has developed national occupational standards (NOS) for entry level workmen in block laying and tiling. These standards cover National Proficiency I (level 1) and II (level 2) under the National TVET Qualification Framework (NTVETQF). The curriculum is being implemented by training providers in collaboration with accredited MCPs to ensure a good balance between school based and work-place based training.