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Companies in the garment industry in Ghana specialize in kaba (traditional dress) and kaftan, wedding dresses, shroud garments, office apparel, uniforms and suits.

The size of the company is defined by the type of equipment available and the number of apprentices it has. Most enterprises are small-scale, some are medium sized, very few can be categorized as large.

The majority of the enterprises make custom-made clothing, termed as sew and fit. Ready-to-wear products are known as ‘sew and sell’, the core activity of the enterprises being the training of apprentices.

The predominant style of dress manufactured in Ghana, mainly in women’s wear, is made from traditional printed fabrics and made individually for every customer.

According to an analysis executed by GSDI skills needed to manufacture garments are being shown or explained to the apprentices on a fairly complete level. Training with Master Craftspersons and/or at the Training Providers cover many relevant skills but in order to become a qualified professional additional skills are required. In order to ensure that a broad array of skills is covered, they will be specified in the units developed by GSDI and some skills may be added.